CAEB Launch Advice Service at Slough Foodbank

Citizens Advice East Berkshire runs confidential sessions for foodbank clients right at the distribution centres

CAEB and Slough Foodbank are launching an important, new service in Slough to further help people in crisis. Citizens Advice workers will run confidential sessions at the Foodbank’s Distribution Centres.

Many people who find themselves in food poverty crisis and need to come to a foodbank have underlying issues relating to benefits, debt, low income, discrimination at work, housing, homelessness or ill health.

Having trained advisers from Citizens Advice East Berkshire (CAEB) dedicated to offering advice and information related to these areas will be of enormous benefit ensuring that they are getting all the support possible to help them out of food poverty.

We have two dedicated advisers offering advice for the project, one remote and one in Foodbank centres across the Slough area.

Pippa Banham, CEO of Citizens Advice East Berkshire, said:

Working in partnership with Slough Food Bank means we can give advice and information to those most in need and affected by the Cost of Living Crisis. CAEB started its Slough Service in November 2021 and since then we have helped Slough residents gain £679,513 in financial support.

Laura Cole, Slough Foodbank Manager, said: “This is a significant step for us – it’s all about getting a long-term approach and helping people get the advice they need so they can reduce their reliance on crisis support, including the use of foodbanks, as their financial situation improves.”

Both organisations are grateful to the Trussell Trust for the financial support needed to make this happen.


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